Gen Ken, Conrad Schnitzler, and David Prescott

Mission Statement

Generations Unlimited is an artist-run music company dedicated to the proponency of dramatic and challenging contemporary music. The movement is deliberately cyclical: many of the artists represented have greatly influenced us an one another, and so we seek to promote their music as a way of contributing to the history of dramatic electronic music for generations to come.

History of Generations Unlimited

Founded in 1987, Generations Unlimited began as a collaboration between Gen Ken, David Prescott, and Conrad Schnitzler. The label's initial releases included works from such as Arcane Device, Charles Cohen, Morphogenesis, Iancu Dumitrescu, and from the founders themselves. While the exact number of cassette releases are unknown, there were eight LPs pressed including a compilation of artists on the label called No Borders

Generator Sound Art Gallery

While most of the distribution for Generations Unlimited occurred through the mail, the Generator Sound Art Gallery provided a space for people to listen and purchase the label's releases. Through several incarnations in the East Village ('89-'90) and then Chelsea ('91-'92), Generator was New York's first sound art gallery. The multi-purpose space hosted sound installations, live performances, and was a library for underground music and magazines. Generator was a hub that brought local and international artists together to share their appreciation for experimental music.

Charles Cohen live at Generator

John Cage visits Laura Kikauka's Headspace installation at Generator

Chop Shop (Scott Konzelman) speaker installation