No Borders

Twenty-Seven Years Later
Various Artists


C-110, Digital print insert.
Compilation of 52 artists.
Edition of 100.

Generator Sound Art Gallery
New York City 1989-1992
"I have reached out to friends of Generator
to realize this eclectic collection of voices,
sounds, and music, about 27 years later."
- Gen Ken Montgomery 2017
Mastered by Thomas Dimuzio at GENCH Studios

Side A

Conrad Schinztler - Welcome to the Generator
CHOP SHOP/Scott Konzelmann - Silt
Francisco Lopez - untitled #321
David Lee Myers - GU AD
amk - Imaginary Menagerie/The Love Song/Filled to Fire
G.X. Jupitter-Larsen - TNU
Rod Summers - Answering Ken Take One
Thomas Dimuzio & David Lee Myers - Tulpa
David Prescott - Calling from Delta Sky Club, Detroit
Al Margolis - Silence is Golden
Tim Sweet - Sears Radio
Jeanne Liotta - Chloe Liotta-Jones (with Ken Montgomery)
StvJns - Generating
Joseph Nechtaval - Destroyer of Naivet├ęs (snippet)
Anna Homler - Secha
Mariano Airaldi - Generating 11
Dina Emerson - Glow Glass Dance
Ken Butler - An Atmosphere of Experiementation Prevails!
Steve Buchanan - Willi Noize
David Watson - Don't Do That Again
Matty O - Frank Lambert's 1878 Talking Clock
John Wiggins - Still on a Roll... + Zoom Beds in August
Liaizon Wakest & Jed Miner - Wet Saint & Liquid Bishop
mIEKAL aND - Morton Fell Down
Bill Buchen - Sonic Architecture
C M von Hauswolff - The Weather in Stockholm
Lary 7 - That Cafe Next Door (The Rainbow Cafe)
Abo - Destructive Forces Part I

Side B

Abo - Destructive Forces Part II
Gregory Wildes - String Drive
Dan Andreana - A Buck Two Forty/Haze Waste County
Lord Litter - The Berlin July 2017 Disaster/Absorbs Culture Offline
Charles Rice Goff III - What Did You Do to My Dad?/I Forgot My Pin Code
Vittore Baroni - Future Dreams
Rod Summers - Answering Ken Take Two
Brian Karl - Cage, Juicer & Blender
Don Campau - No Pigeonholes Radio Show
James Hill & Don Campau - Big Daddy Goes to Richmond
HEEENTodile - Crimen
Skip William Sawburn - Take That Journey
Mark Lane - Subterranean Activity
Hal McGee - McGee at the Generator + McGee MK7 Spirit Cult Tape Mix
Rafael Gonzalez - Hola Generador!
Gaston Bertin - Happy to be Back in the Generator Voice Box
Carl Howard - Whatever You Want
Wolfgang Die Stuermer - Still Doing Music 27 Years Later
small cruel party - ma l'ombra sol a piantar l'uomo serve
Francisco Lopez - excerpt interview, London
Barbara Moore - Inclusive Oasis in Cultural Desert
Fabio Roberti - Sat at Generator
John Sulak - Downtown Manhattan Generator Blues
Skip Elsheimer - Never Found Generator
Blackhumour - locate/d
Conrad Schnitzler - So Long!

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