Magnetic Beauty


C60, letterpress J-card, and hand stamped cover.
Edition of 100.

If, Bwana is always Al Margolis.
All the pieces on this recording have been
processed through an ARP 2600 synthesizer.
Recorded by Al Margolis, December 2014.
Mastered by Tom Hamilton, January 2015.
Dedicated to the memory of Bob Gilmore.

Side A

Porto Piece 1- Percussion Box
AlMar Variation 1- Ponzi Piece 1
Porto Piece 2 - Piano
AlMar Variation 2 - Marta Alone

Side B

AlMar Variation 3 - DJ Joe MC
Porto Piece 3 - Snare Drum
AlMar Variation 1A - Ponzi Piece 1
Porto Piece 4 - Cymbal