No Borders

No Borders
Various Artists


C60, letterpress J-card, and hand stamped cover.
Edition of 100.

No Borders was originally released in 1987
by Generations Unlimited. Re-Mastered in 2014
by Thomas Dimuzio at GENCH Studios, San Francisco, CA.

Side A

Rollikommando - Machinations
Jörg Thomasius - 96 Voices
Conrad Schnitzler - 4 minutes
Gen Ken - Pimples, Bubbles, and Anchorites
David Prescott - Enmeshment
Arcane Device/David Myers - Quarticle

Side B

Stefan Tischler with Blair Petrie - The Expected One
Michael Chocholak - Second Object
Charles Cohen - Sonomama
Morphogenesis - Sounds From the Rock
Iancu Dumitrescu - Multum In Parvo

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