Thomas Dimuzio

Thomas Dimuzio
Delineation of Perspective


C60, letterpress J-card, and hand stamped cover.
Edition of 100.

Delineation of Perspective was conceived,
played, recorded and mixed by Thomas Dimuzio.
Recorded: 9/87 - 12/87. Re-mastered 2014 by
Thomas Dimuzio at GENCH Studios, San Francisco, CA.

Side A

Blackened Prospect: Remember Now
Part One: Self-Proclaimed Contention (Without Variation)
Part Two: Of Vast and Barren, Rotting Wastelands

Side B

Displacement Manifesto
Window Music: I thought I saw a Monkey Outside the Window
/ At Russell Hedjuf's Fucked-Up Circus
/ Intrinsic Air Balloons / Etc.
Denial of Acquittal

Dimuzio oblique